Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 2 - Sis

Have to wonder if my daughter has her rose colored glasses on today since her "regulars" are sitting here on the desk? I started wearing glasses when I was 12, which meant back in my day I would have been one of the few to endure the four eyes taunts; since I was a tomboy those taunts didn't last long! Today glasses are a fashion statement and can make you look cool. Back in 1956 there just weren't many styles and cost determined which ones you could select. Coming from a family with seven kids you know I had the black rim frames. Yeah, so cool, but here I sit 53 years later still wearing glasses and not feeling cool or stylish. Of course the payoff is that most people my age are wearing glasses too, so guess if you live long enough, the four eyes taunters become uncool and you become very cool.

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  1. I started wearing glasses when I was 4, and I had Coke bottle lenses. The only frames that could support my lenses were the big ass plastic ones. I got teased so much for them. I couldn't wait to get contacts.