Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 5 - Lisa

Well the great Atlanta Snow Storm of 2010 came and went in a flurry, literally tiny flurries.  Not downplaying the weather as its been extremely cold.  The roads had very icy conditions this morning but in our area all we received was a dusting of the grass and some patches of ice on our main roads.  Due to most of the businesses closing around 5pm each day in our complex at work there was a thick layer of snow on the parking lot ground this morning.  It was still pristine and untouched.  So it was kind of cute as I parked and looked up at the entrance to the facility.  It was a soft blanket of white except for these tiny little footprints that led from the grass to the cement pathway to our front door.  I believe they are from the feral kitties I feed.  Poor things they were probably really cold last night looking for shelter.

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