Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day 4- Sis

As you leave the apartment complex the first thing to see is the side of a Harley-Davidson showroom. This particular brand of motorcycle always makes me think of my childhood and "bikes". My mother was born in Hollister California and was a married young woman when the motorcycle craze seemed to hit. I was a small child but remember going with my siblings ( in those days parents sent their children out to find something to do) to the track where races were held outside of town. We would sit on the ground near the rail an eat dust and dirt but it was so exciting! Even today if I'm out for a walk and I hear that rumble coming from around the corner and then the WHOMP as that rider kicks it up I feel that surge of childish excitement again.

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  1. ooo I may send you money to get some Atlanta HD shirts for my parents!