Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 1 - Sis

These articles represent my communications line to my people and friends since moving here with my daughter Lisa. The majority of my connections are in California, since I don't really know anyone here in Georgia these tools are my lifeline. The computer enables me to talk and leave messages through email or on FaceBook. The phone is for those who don't use or have a computer and a good way to stay in touch with my other daughter, Yolanda, by texting. Snail mail is one of my favorites because it feels more personal and when I receive a card or letter it means someone spent time and 44 cents on me. Also there are people in my communication world who don't text or use a computer. The Bible enables me to have an interaction with God daily. Of course this is key in everything I do, because no one not even me knows myself better than He.

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