Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 190 - Lisa

A cool store recently flooded us with memories of our simple toys growing up.  And that reminded me of "Klackers" and the Tops that had a urethane wheel as the tip, you'd rub it on the ground, getting it going and then put it on it's tip.  The top would take off, skipping on the ground.  These were fun but soon would get kind of boring.  THAT was until we discovered these were lethal weapons if we stuck them in each others hair, especially who ever we were mad at.  The top would grab hold of the hair and wind it up in a tangled ball.  I'm pretty sure that was the summer most of us girl cousins ended up with pixie hair cuts and black eyes.  LOL!  We also beat each others brains out with the Klackers.

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