Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 54 - Lisa

No, it's not my fantasy to be Martha, Rachel or Giana so bear with me here.  It'll be worth it.  :>

I highly recommend the magazine "CUISINE at home", we have discovered some of the most delicious recipes through this subscription.  It's not an expensive magazine price wise.  Well worth the cost as it not only offers recipes but lots of cooking tips.  One tip that has become a staple in our house is how to preserve and use herbs.  You no longer waste money forgotting the herbs in the refrigerator that wilt, go brown or grow mold.  If you grow your own herbs this just extends their life for you.

Take your herbs and chop them up.  Buy some cheapy ice trays.  Fill the herbs up in the ice trays, add water and freeze them.  Once froze by herb type put the cubes in plastic containers or like us ziplock bags.  When you are ready to cook you just grab a cube(s) of whichever herb and add it to your recipe.  Picture below is of dill.  My mama is cooking fish tonight so instead of using dill weed from a container, she is using fresh, healthier dill.  We keep rosemary, dill, sage, oregano, thyme, marjoram, cilantro, bay leaf, yerba buena and basil most all the time now.  It's great for stews and soups.

Don't roll your eyes at me...


  1. It's probably indicative of some mental disorder that I find that frozen cube of dill very, very pretty. Really.

    Excellent tip, btw!

  2. Dill weed! *snicker*

    Any whoot - I think that's an awesome idea, it's just too bad I never have the opportunity to cook, let alone cook anything "new". James is picky & boring when it comes to food.

  3. Great Idea! I have fresh Rosemary growing in a wine barrel right outside my front door. I use that one alot.. I have used that same concept for other food items as well. and like you guys, I too used ziplock baggies. One recipe I did that with was a South Beach Diet Quiche. You make it in a muffin tin, then freeze the rest, and use it as the days go. Quick and easy, and always o hand!
    Thanks for sharing! cousin Pat