Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 50 - Lisa

Engines will always remind me of my Dad; him working in the garage building the midget.  I'd be his assistant, getting his out of reach tools, bringing him a rag or anything else he needed.  Our road trips together early on Saturday mornings to Norm Rapp's shop in San Francisco (see below, still on Cordova St) to get parts.  It feels like we would be there for hours.  Norm and my dad would talk, my dad would order parts or survey what Norm had.  Norm, I guess he was accustom to guys bringing their kids with them would always give me a job while I was there.  He'd hand me a pad and pencil and off I'd go to take "inventory" of the mountain of nuts and bolts he'd point me too. I was in heaven working at "Norm's" shop.  I cannot remember the dogs name but he was an old, huge, slow walking, tan, probably golden retriever, very friendly and patient.  Sometimes I'd spend the morning playing with him.  We'd go outside in the side alley.  Norm was a very nice man and after a couple trips I was in awe that he knew my name and would acknowledge me at the races.

LOL I was B I G  S T U F F !  That tradition continued when I lost interest and the next generation of kids in our family (my little cousins and then their kids) would make the trek to buy Sprint car parts with my dad down to San Jose to Kaeding's shop.  They'd come back with their own tales and sense of being big stuff.  ;>

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