Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 131 - Lisa

Mom bought sunii a new toy today.  sunii only has about 15 toys now. And like most all kids growing up her favorites are not the catnip filled mice, the light up ball or the stick with the dangle stuff on the end. Nope, it's the cardboard box with holes in it, the wadded up plastic bag.  You know aka the pots, pans & tupperware for toddlers. She thinks sunii is not as active as my other cats were;  Nicia who only moved to stalk someone coming up or down her stairs, scare Simba or hang from Sammy's jowls.  Ozzie who only liked to prowl at night otherwise he was a 14lb lap dog. Or Pita who would climb on your back while you were down on your knees gardening, painting wallboards or just about anything else, curl up and go to sleep.  ;>

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