Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 130 - Sis

On my way to my doctor appointment today put the garbage in the back of Lisa's truck, so we could dump it and it was pretty ripe smelling. As we drove up to the garbage dump "gazebo" one of the maintenance guys was freshing up the look of the area with grey paint. That's nice but this prevented us from ridding the truck of the bag. Time concerns prevented us from going back to the apartment. It took us 45 minutes to get to my destination and about an hour before I was done. Mind you, Lisa is waiting in the vehicle with windows down, in 87% weather and humid. Then we decided since we were in the area where an Olive Garden was, dinner seemed to be a good idea. After Olive Garden we made a stop at the Hobby Lobby store, close by, followed by a stop for fuel. Now 4 hours later, what can I say, the bag is reeking and probably pulsating. We pull into our complex and can't believe Lisa was heading for the gate instead of the "gazebo"! Think her olfactory sense was beyond damaged. Garbage was dumped but don't know how long that aroma will be in the interior of truck.

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