Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 302 - Lisa

2010 WORLD CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!  I'm too stunned for words.  Yes, the odds were good they'd win but when it happen, I was just overwhelmed with emotion.  My FB was burning up, my phone vibrated off the table but I couldn't repond.  I needed to soak up everything happening on the TV.  Watch the player interviews, view and experience the emotion.  Sweet, so very sweet.  Can't wait to get home and celebrate together with my mom and sister.  It won't be completely real until we three are together.  All the years at freezing cold Candlestick with only us and a thousand other fans.  The night we stayed till 3am in the morning to watch 17 innings of Giants over the Reds. All the Croix de Candlesticks earned.   My sister @ 7 years old refusing Don Suttons autograph cause he was a DODGER!  The Orange Crush Little Giants, the Vacation nights, the play-offs against St. Louis.  The earthquake World Series. My mom being the KSFO Fan of the Night.  Clarks first homer off Nolan Ryan as we rushed for our seats on one of our many moms and daughters Opening Days.  The three game series with Brian Johnson homer against the Dodgers.  The Mike Ivie grand slams!  Hackman, one flap down! Gotta Love These Kids when we first witnessed the Robby, Uribe, Clark, Williams infield.  The heartbreak of 2002. The Fan Fairs, my devotion to #22 for Jack Clark to this day my lucky number. Too many memories. Our chevy station wagon packed with 3 sisters, and all their kids and their kids friends - I believe our record was 16 in that sherman tank. Sweet, so very sweet! 

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